Tim Garcia

Stone, Metal, and Wood Sculptures

Tim Garcia


Since 1999, I have been working with sculptor Tom Faught in his Makawao Studio on Maui. Under his encouragement, my focus has been shifted to sculpting in stone. The simplicity of tools used and the variety of available rock to carve excites all of my senses from the “PING” of hammer and chisel to the cold smooth feel of a finished piece.

In my work, I search for a harmonious balance of shape and form that is pleasing to the eye and pulls the viewer to touch. I’m constantly finding the natural beauty on Maui influencing my work from the mountains and valleys to the moon and sea.

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Stone sculpture (Carrera marble, Italian alabaster, granite, basalt)
Wood sculpture (Monkeypod, Recycled Cypress, Mango, Albizia, Japanese pine) & Many works in progress in the studio, here on Maui

Artist Showcase at the Four Seasons Maui

Meet me on Wednesdays
4:30 – 9:00 pm
in the Lobby Bar